The ADOCHS researchers successfully defended their PhD theses!

The ADOCHS team is thrilled to announce that Anne Chardonnens and Tan Lu, the researchers of the ADOCHS project, have successfully defended their PhD theses at the end of 2020.

Anne Chardonnens

For the last four years, Anne has been working on (meta)data quality, where she was a PhD student supervised by Professor Seth van Hooland from ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles). Her research was conducted jointly in ULB as well as in CegeSoma/State Archives of Belgium. Throughout her work, she focused on archival authority data in a Linked Open Data context. Her dissertation, written in French, can be freely accessed online: La gestion des données d’autorité archivistiques dans le cadre du Web de données. On 15th December, 2020 Anne successfully defended her thesis online.

Anne will continue her work in CegeSoma where she is now in charge of digital access to collections and DH projects.

Tan Lu

Tan was a PhD student supervised by Professor Ann Dooms from VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), where his work was conducted jointly in VUB as well as in KBR, the national library of Belgium. The title of his thesis is Homogeneity Models for Image Processing in the Cultural Heritage Sector, where he exploited different mathematical models to address image processing problems pertaining to segmentation, damage recognition, and quality assessment (see his publications). He has publicly defended his thesis on 23rd October, 2020.

Since then, Tan has been working as a post-doc researcher in VUB as well as in KBR.

The completion of the PhD studies of Anne and Tan marks an important milestone of the ADOCHS project, where the research of both candidates have received strong support from the ADOCHS project, especially through multi-lateral collaboration between several academic institutions and Belgian Federal Scientific Institutions. This has led to the fruitful PhD journey of both researchers. A big congratulations to both Anne and Tan!